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This is part of a series of interviews celebrating the people who make up the tri-state music scene in Huntington, West Virginia and other parts of the state. You probably don't remember me, but do you remember the evolution of our tri-state music scene? I was playing drums in a group in Ashland, KY called Mustangs Kickin 'Mustangs, which was quite popular in Ironton at the time, called Fugitives.

I was asked to shoot an episode for the esteemed PBS series Mountain Stage, which was filmed in Charleston, West Virginia. I gave a two-hour performance that was heard on more than 150 radio stations around the world. We filmed the episode in Huntington, Pennsylvania, in front of a live audience of about 2,000 people.

There are many sightseeing opportunities in the nearby New River Gorge, and visitors can listen to some of the best Appalachian music. The music business also has something for everyone; many of us just have to find something that is really for us. Bluegrass is mainly offered, but also many other genres such as folk, country, blues, rock and country music are offered. Success in the music business is driven by knowing how talented you are, not by your ability to be known for it.

Besides money, music, time and place, the greatest value of DIY workshops is the sense of freedom that allows artists to bring their art to a level that traditional venues may not allow. The DIY venue serves as a springboard for eclectic acts, and anyone can be expected to play any kind of music, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or background.

Past performers have included Bing Crosby, John Prine, David Guetta and David Bowie, as well as a group called Zachariah. Morphs, a band from Huntington, West Virginia, with a focus on hip-hop, soul and funk.

The band recorded an LP in 2009 after Drew Vandenburg, who worked with Stella Donnelly of Drive Truckers, left for his hometown of Huntington, West Virginia. He played in a variety of bands and cultivated a reputation for his unique blend of soul, funk, blues and hip-hop.

After 120 shows in 2017 after winning the Huntington Blues Society Challenge, we hope to surpass that number and play some of the biggest stages this year. We will continue to play live shows to promote the album and just build up and connect with our fan base in general. If you're a talented local musician preparing for a show at the V-Club, let Music & Art be your last stop here in town before you take to the stage.

More of WVmusic can be heard on the stations every Tuesday at 7 p.m., Thursday and Friday at 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday at 5 p.m., and Tuesday and Saturday at 4 and 4.30 p.m.

As a college town, Huntington has more than its fair share of bars and pubs, but this list includes only some of the more prestigious venues. Local musicians have been performing at these venues for so long that there is now a central database for shows. Located in the heart of Huntington, West Virginia, just a short drive from the University of Virginia campus, this music venue is a favorite with locals and features acts ranging from heavy metal to reggae, with indoor and outdoor stages.

Huntington is located on the banks of the Ohio River and is home to the University of Virginia, a state government-backed university. One of four Carnegie halls around the world, Carnegie Hall is a regional performing arts center known for its annual Lewisburg Music Festival and family-friendly. It is currently hosting the Marshall Artist Series, which is affiliated with the West Virginia University School of Arts and Sciences and the Huntington Music Center.

The V Club has excellent local and national bluegrass acts as well as a wide selection of country, blues, country, rock and folk acts.

Here the young at heart meet to play and listen to local talents, which represent a mixture of mountain music. The band shares its name with the name of the local mountain music festival, the Mountain Music Festival.

Huntington Mall is the largest shopping mall in the state, with about 150 stores, and there are several locally owned stores, including stores that specialize in goods made and developed by West Virginia artisans. The anchor is the Huntington Shopping Center, which houses more than 1,000 shops and restaurants. This store serves Huntington and the surrounding area and other parts of the District. Huntington has a number of restaurants and bars, including Mothman's, a popular restaurant and bar. They host the annual Moth Festival and host a variety of events for the local community, from music festivals to art shows and concerts.

Thousands of high-quality records fill the back rooms of the complex, which is divided into a variety of genres, from classic rock "n" roll to country, jazz, blues and hip-hop. While collectors are looking for old favorites and new discoveries in classical records, the smell of well-used Johnny Cash records is in the air, as is the sound of old-school jazz and blues.

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